Blog Post Updates

I've updated a lot of my older posts with new information.

  1. Nintendo Switch OLED Modding - September 2022:

  2. Worm Farm - September 2023:

    • I'm trying to dry the bin out more and add more paper in my feedings so it absorbs moisture from food. It should keep the worms in the feeding tray instead of chasing the moisture to the bottom tray.
    • I'm also using bubble wrap on top to trap any condensation and stop it from evaporating.
    • I'm adding shredded paper to the bottom bin following this Vermicompost Learn by Doing video.
    • I tried window screen but the smaller ones still went through.
    • The idea is to lock the moisture in the bin and hopefully, they prefer the feeding tray which should be the most moist.
  3. Resume in LaTeX - July 2023: The resume is now being built by Gitea Actions.

  4. Holiday - June 2023: Added Korea and Sapporo.

  5. Home Security - March 2023:

    I added my new Reolink doorbell camera connected using the unifi-cam-proxy.

  1. Solar Power - January 2023: New payback date is the 13th of July 2027, or 5 years.

  2. Quzao Sama I'm Computer Case Cooling - December 2021: Added OptimumTech's fan spacer copying Noctua's NA-IS1-12 Sx2.

  3. Smart Home Dashboard - December 2022: Added my new dashboard and changes since I wrote the post.

  4. Note-taking with Obsidian - January 2024:

    • Updated Daily Tasks template for new days to include recurring tasks.
    • Updated Stand Up template to avoid weekends and create in the right folder.
  5. Living Room Entertainment - November 2023:

    • Add TV calibration details.
    • Create an automation to switch the TV's picture mode between Game Mode and Custom Pro 2.