The Weekly Update (24/8/2014)

In the weekly update, I bring you what I've been doing throughout Monday to Sunday in regards to technology, computers and more with links to tutorials and guides. You will also find what I'm currently interested in for the following weeks. If something doesn't have a link, I may cover it myself in the future because I couldn't find much about it online.

Weekly Update 24/08/2014

SSL Certificate for Free

Having an SSL certificate is great because traffic is now sent encrypted over the network instead of plain text. I will cover how to do this with server blocks on NGINX later on.

Setup SABnzbd+, Sickbeard, CouchPotato and Transmission

Having a dedicated download server has always been a godsend with automatic downloads for TV shows and movies. I've done this before but this was the first time on Ubuntu.

Stopped people hot-linking your website

This is great if you have a self-hosted server. Stop people taking your bandwidth!

What I'm interested in at the moment

  • SickRage or going back to NZBDrone
  • Getting a domain name for a my private download host (who the hell took
  • Deluge and qBittorrent instead of Transmission (not that I use torrents much anyway)
  • WordPress
  • Installed plugins
  • Getting structured google thing for the 'updated' ha-feed
  • Verifying authorship