Usenet Providers Speed Test from Sydney

I signed up for a few trials before the Black Friday sales to test out some different providers and their download speeds.

Testing Setup

  • All testing was performed on NZBGet 17.1
  • My maximum download speed is 100Mbp/s or 14MB/s which does not drop throughout the day.
  • My internet connection is on cable provided by Telstra.
  • All stats below from NZBGet's Statistics and Stats page which is reset when NZBGet is reloaded.
  • All but one provider were tested on their free trial.
  • Only providers with SSL were used.
  • I used up all available connections advertised by the provider.
Provider Advertised (MB/s) Real (MB/s) Length Downloaded Notes
CheapNews 15 5.46 1 year 2.1TB My old provider
Usenet.Farm N/A 4.44 5 days 7.5GB 10GB Trial
Giganews N/A 7.19 6 days 10GB 10GB Trial
UsenetBucket N/A 11.8 7 days 18GB 7 Day / 25GB Trial
TweakNews 2.5 2.07 5 days 10GB 7 Day / 10GB Trial
EasyNews N/A 13.5 14 days 162GB 14 Day / 10 GB Trial, which kept going
Newsdemon Unlimited 11.1 5 days 14GB 15GB Trial
Newsgroupdirect (US) Unlimited 13.5 7 days 50GB EU servers @ 7MB/s
Frugal (US) N/A 12.0 10 days 38GB EU servers @ 6.8MB/s


Best performers which saturated my 100Mbps / 14MBs connection were:

  • Frugal
  • EasyNews
  • Newsdemon
  • Newsgroupdirect
  • UsenetBucket

I ended up signing with Frugal Usenet on their Black Friday special for $3.99 per month. I decided against the $40 a year in case of a rainy day over on the Highwinds network.

Share your own results if you're from Sydney so we can get a complete list going :smile: