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After three and half years of Jekyll, I've made the move over to GatsbyJS.


GatsbyJS was introduced to me by Kia Storm, an up and coming frontend developer who previously worked at Autopilot. What stood out to me was the Progressive Web App capabilities which made the site feel FAST.

The entire source code can be found on GitHub at calvinbui/


There were a few things I wanted to achieve with the change.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is available by clicking the Moon icon in the top right corner.


To make this site more collaborative, it's easier to suggest changes.

On the top of every post, there's an Edit link which will go straight to repository to create a new PR. Feel free to add your name and a link to your profile on the edit as well.

Edit post button

RSS Feed

An RSS feed is available at /rss.xml to subscribe to posts. This was a feature a few readers used on WordPress which has removed when moving to Jekyll. This is done using gatsby-plugin-feed.

Easier to start writing

Writing a blog post was always a big pain for me. I removed almost all of these pain points:

After writing each post I would have to find a featured image. This image then had to be edited in Photoshop, exported in two sizes (small and large), renamed and optimised using FileOptimizer or ImageOptim.

Now all I have to do is find an image and rename it to thumbnail.svg so that gatsby-image and gatsby-transformer-sharp can take care of the rest.

images are the right size

Folder and files

I used to lump all my posts under /posts/<slug> and images under /image/<slug>. Now they live together under /posts/<slug>. This doesn't seem like much but now I don't have to rename two folders when I change a slug anymore!

$ tree posts/2020-01-31-managing-the-perfect-csgo-server
├── crosshair.png
├── linuxgsm.png
├── rankme.png
├── slack-bot.png
├── thumbnail.png
└── weaponskin.jpg

0 directories, 7 files

Remove duplication from post frontmatter

Frontmatter is a blog at the start of a post's markdown specifying it's metadata such as date, categories, tags and title.

Previously I had a lot of duplicated items in the frontmatter such as the slug, date, featured-image, image_directory. These has been removed so only what I need to edit exists.

difference between frontmatter

Browser Reloading

Developing in GatsbyJS is easy as the browser automatically refreshes!


Moving from Jekyll, I no longer rely on GitHub Pages to build and serve the site. I'm now using a combination of Gatsby Cloud, Netlify and Cloudflare. All of which are free.

Gatsby Cloud

Gatsby Cloud is responsible for building the site. It builds the site whenever a new commit is pushed. The free tier provides 25 free builds and previews per day. A really nice feature is that it runs Google's Lighthouse tool to audit the site.

Google Lighthouse Report


Netlify is a CDN responsible for website hosting. It can also build the site and I could move over to it if I wanted.

The Netlify version of the site is available at

netlify dashboard


Cloudflare is responsible for DNS but also it's caching and automatic optimisations. This will reduce Netlify bandwidth usage, which isn't free like GitHub Pages was.


There are some things that still need to be done:

  • Hamburger menu on mobile devices for Categories and Tags
  • Automatically load thumbnail.svg instead of having to specify it in the frontmatter
  • A fuzzy filter search