My Ansible Roles

A collection of Ansible roles I wrote to automate installation and configuration of my homelab.

Why use my roles

  • I use arg splatting most of the time so you can easily provide your own arguments to different modules
  • Full documentation provided
  • Tested using Ansible Molecule
  • Tested weekly automatically using automated Travis CI
  • Semantic versioning
  • Shared on Ansible Galaxy
  • Open-source on GitHub
  • Issue tracker on GitHub for bugs and requests
  • 5/5 scores on Ansible Galaxy


You can easily find a list of all my roles on Ansible Galaxy







Using Ansible Galaxy

Ansible Galaxy is a website for finding, sharing and downloading community developed Ansible roles.

To install roles from the command line, you can run:

ansible-galaxy install username.role_name

To install roles from a roles file (recommended) in your playbook, use

ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml

An example of a requirements.yml file:


- src: calvinbui.ansible_pip
  version: '2.0.0'

- src: calvinbui.ansible_docker
  version: '1.1.1'

- src: calvinbui.ansible_git
  version: '1.1'

- src: calvinbui.ansible_nodejs
  version: '2.0.0'

- src: calvinbui.ansible_datadog
  version: '1.0.2'