My 3D Prints

• 3D Printing

These are all my 3D prints. 3D Printing is the process where a digital design is turned into a solid three-dimensional (3D) physical object by laying a material, such as plastic, layer by layer together. There are a lot of creative and awesome uses for it, just about anything you can think of creating.

Codenames Organiser

Description: This is an organiser for the popular board game Codenames I made based off another design.


IKEA Mulig Shelf Mods

Description: These are hooks for the IKEA Mulig Drying Rack but I repurposed them for my Mulig shelf instead. The shelf comes with only two of these hooks so I printed two more.

The other hook is attached to the screws holding the joints of the shelf together. This does not come by default.


Dice Tower

Description: My board game group are very serious when it comes to legit dice rolls (the dice cannot touch anything when it’s rolling). This is our approved dice roller. The only issue I have with it is sometimes the dice don’t always come out and sit inside a bit. This would probably be fixed with a bigger slope on the end. Nevertheless, there are a dozen other dice rollers out there.


Sheriff of Nottingham Stand

Description: This is for the board game Sheriff of Nottingham. The stand that comes in the box always falls off the Sheriff. This is a perfect fix!


Description: This is for the board game, Dead of Winter. This is awesome organiser made by markwal that I reused and only added a small box to separate the male and female survivors.

Dead of Winter Box Organiser


Raspberry Pi 3 Case

Description: A case for my Raspberry Pi 3 that does not require any screws. I still got to find a use for my Pi :disappointed_relieved:


Agricola ACBAS Organiser

Description: This is an organiser for the board game Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small. The game comes with two plastic bags to hold everything. This makes setup and packing up a whole lot quicker.


Mage Knight

Description: This is a bunch of organisers for my favourite board game, Mage Knight.


Pebble Charging Stand

Description: A charging stand for my Pebble Time Steel, which I’ve given away :sob:


Dyson Accessories Holder

Description: For some reason, Dyson only provides two slots for accessories when they ship with around ~5. This adapter provides more slots to keep the brushes and nozzles in one place.



Description: This adapter allows hard drives to me mounted in PCI slots. I’ve loaded all the HDD/SSD and 5.25” bays in my server so this is perfect for getting storage in there.


Tripod Quick Release

Description: I lost my tripod quick release mount, rendering my tripod useless a while back. Luckily you can print a replacement :thumbsup:


Galaxy Trucker Organiser

Description: This is a organiser for the board game, Galaxy Trucker.


Catan Card Organiser

Description: This is card holder for the board game Catan.


Headphone Stand End

Description: I purchased the Woo Headphone Stand back in 2011. The stand has two poles which made taking my headphones off it difficult. I removed one pole and designed this to keep the headphones on it without falling off.