Monthly Update (March 2015)

In the monthly update, I like to cover what I've been doing throughout the past month in regards to technology, computers and more.

You will also find what I'm currently interested in for the following weeks. If something doesn’t have a link, I may cover it myself in the future because I couldn't find much about it online.

Overall a very quiet month. Just been bogged down with a new job and assignments.

ESXi 6

Updated ESXi to version 6.0. The 6.0 vSphere Client seems to require the 5.5 client installed with a special addon.

Otherwise for an average user, not much going on...

New Desktop and Phone

Looking at getting a new desktop. I think I'll wait until next year and see if I'll be busy or not to even utilise it. At the moment I'm looking at ASRock's X99 ITX board and dondan's A4 case to accompany it. For now, time will tell if I'll upgrade it.

I've also been looking at upgrading my Nexus 4 to something more recent. The S6 Edge is an incredibly nice phone but like the PC I think i'll hold off on it until I really have to. One thing I think I'll wait for is USB-C integration on smartphones, that would be great to see!

Pebble Time Steel

I jumped in on the Pebble Time Steel kickstarter! With the cost of shipping updated, a lot of backers pulled out and I as able to get in on the earlier Steel shipment of July (3 months from now). I'm very excited for a smart-watch because I work in a quiet environment (schools) and I get notified for just about everything so it'll be nice to have.

I'm going to go for the black version for professionalism.

Interested In

  • I think my affection with the IBM Model M keyboard has worn off. It just feels big and clunky. Someone out there will definitely buy it but what will I get instead?
  • Building a gaming PC for my cousin