Meizu EP52 Wireless Bluetooth Sport Earphones Review

A really quick review of the Meizu EP52 earphones I use for the gym.


  • Battery life is good, lasts about a 7-8 hours. During the last hour it tells you that the battery is low so there's enough time to recharge before the next gym session.
  • I would call them bass earphones, definitely emphasised over treble. Easily fixed with equalisers. Listening to podcasts they are very good as bass isn't really involved. When you listen to music however, you'll notice some deep notes.
  • Waterproofing is solid, I always give them a wash after cardio when full of sweat


  • Comfort is okay, goes around the neck and doesn't annoy you during cardio or weights. Doesn't move around or budge either.



  • Noise cancellation is okay but Anytime Fitness is pretty loud so still comes through. I don't think you can get any better unless with over ears or proper noise cancelling headphones (e.g. QC30/QC35)
  • Call quality is below average. You really have to get your mouth next to the receiver for anyone to hear you
  • No Bluetooth dropouts on my Samsung Galaxy Note8

Recommendation: BUY! For its price, it does an outstanding job. If you listen to podcasts, sweat often and don't listen to music much it's perfect. If you do listen to music, play with the EQ until the bass is a bit softer.