Hello World, Hi I'm Calvin

Hello World !

What's this Blog About?

Hello World!

It's taken me a while to get back into blogging but now I have two reasons to:

  1. I got the 'https://calvin.me' domain :P

  2. Career building by showing my personal learning and interest in I.T.

This blog aims to share my knowledge and experiences in regards to I.T. I tend to do things my own special way a lot of the time so documenting it can't be that bad either when I have to revisit it a few months later. I won't bother writing about something you could find all over the Internet like 'How to install Windows 7' but instead I'll focus on doing things I cannot find the Internet and end up having to do myself or search long vigorously to figure out. A lot of this stuff will be applicable to my wants and needs but I believe interesting enough for you to give it a try (or at least say you tried it).

For the stuff that I find easy enough to do by yourself or you can find plastered on 200 sites over the Internet, I was thinking of doing a weekly update of things I've attempted and things I'm interested in over the next week. Could be a fortnightly or monthly thing as well. The only problem with this is that most of my stuff is already set up already so I'll try and remember some older stuff it.

Finally I've used WordPress before and liked its simplicity so I've went with it again here.

About this Installation

This WordPress installation self-hosted (at home nonetheless) running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and NGINX using Server Blocks.  WordPress was the number one choice hands down. I'm no web design slouch though having used many HTML and CSS variants personally (Razor, Haml, Slim, LESS). Otherwise I knew I wanted to go with NGINX over Apache and Lighttpd for the learning experience, having used Apache before. NGINX is also rated the best web server from what I've seen.

To compare, Apache is like Microsoft Office, about 100 features and you use about 20 of them. NGINX on the other hand does only those 20 features and 15 of them it does better than Apache.